JCC 21 days fasting and prayer 2023

Day 10. Destiny Encounter

Judges 6:12-14, Jer 31:11-12, Isa 65:22-23

1. Thank God for your life that you are still standing

2. Heavenly Father every disobedience in my life affecting my destiny please forgive me in Jesus name

3. O Lord my father every sin of my parents and lineage that is affecting or may affect my life in your mercy please forgive me in Jesus name

4. My father do not let my enemy prevailed over me, make me stronger than my enemy in Jesus name

5. O Lord my father redeemed me and ransomed my destiny from the hand of the strong and the mighty in Jesus name

6. In the name of Jesus. I decree I shall not labour in vain nor bring forth for trouble, I shall reap my harvest

7. I declare that God redeems my life from pit, He crowns me with His loving kindness and compassion, He satisfies my mouth with good things in Jesus name

8. Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus, I declare that this will be my season of opportunities, open doors and settlement in Jesus name

9. I decree that the plan of God for my life are what will come to pass in Jesus name

10. Everything will work together for my good, i decree and declare that evil shall be far from me and my household in Jesus name