JCC 21 days fasting and prayer 2023

Day 11: The Prevailing Mercy of God

Psalm 51:1, Habakuk 3:2, Micah 7;18-19

1. Oh God of mercy arise and defend me from every false accusation of the enemy, I praise Your name

2. O Lord let me receive favour and mercy in all areas of my life in Jesus name

3. O Lord let your mercy silence every satanic voice speaking against my life in Jesus name

4,father in your mercy please forgive any known and unknown sin in my life in Jesus name

5. Heavenly Father according to thy tender mercy remember me today for divine visitation in Jesus name

6. O Lord my father have mercy upon me and show me your favour in Jesus name

7. The mercy of God will not depart from me and my family in Jesus name

8. Lord let your mercy distinguish me from others and attract me blessings in the Name of Jesus

9. My father my father let your mercy bring all your promise to fulfilment into my life in Jesus name

10. My father my father let Your mercy bring blessings into my life and family, ensure the multiplication of your goodness and shield me from every trouble in the name of Jesus