JCC 21 days fasting and prayer 2023

Day 13: Invoking the Hand of God

Psalm 89:13, Deut 26:8, psalm 16:11

1. I invoke the mighty hand of God to break every known and unknown ancestral negative covenant made in my family line in Jesus name

2. I invoke the hand of God to pull me out of my present state into greater heights beyond my imagination in every area of my life In Jesus name

3. I invoke the hand of God against everyone standing on my way to breakthrough to uproot and remove them in Jesus name

4. My Heavenly Father I invoke your comforting hand upon my life to comfort, guide and preserve me in Jesus name

5. O Lord, let your hand be upon me to grant me speed, push me forward in every area of my life in Jesus name

6. I invoke the powerful hand of God that laid the foundations of the earth to visit my foundation and correct every abnormality in Jesus name

7. My father uphold me by your righteous right hand and let me not fall or stumble in life in Jesus name

8. Let the hand of God rest upon me and give me rest in Jesus name

9. The hand of God will confirm His promises in my life in Jesus name

10. The hand of the Lord will separate me and my family from death and destruction in Jesus name