JCC 21 days fasting and prayer 2023

Day 15. Commanding Your Doors

Rev 3:8, 1 Cor 16:9, 2 Cor 2:12

1. Father you are the God of open doors, I praise your name

2. Open my eyes Lord to see the doors of opportunities that you have open before me in Jesus name

3. O Lord my father give me the master key that opens every good door I am seeking in Jesus name

4. My father, my father doors of breakthrough that take men years to achieve, open and give them to me to possess without struggles in Jesus name

5 . I decree doors of blessings that seem locked for others shall be opened to me in Jesus name

6. I command every gate and doors set and locked against my destiny, glory and joy be opened in Jesus name

7. Every good place I desired to reach but access is being denied, by the power of God, I command access to be granted me in Jesus name

8. Everywhere my destiny, talent, gift, marriage, career is being locked down, I command an earthquake to shake and break those locks for my release in Jesus name

9. I command every adversary standing at my door of miracles be removed in Jesus name

10. My father, I pray for great favour and open doors, connect me with my destiny helpers and bring me into my divine purpose in Jesus name