JCC 21 days fasting and prayer 2023

Day 17. Divine Change

Psalm 30:11-12, 1Samuel 16:11-13, Job 14:14

1. Extol the name of the Lord for not allowing the enemies to rejoice over you

2. Hear O Lord and have mercy upon me, Lord be thou my helper in Jesus name

3. Heaven father from now on till I see you in glory, do not allow my enemy to rejoice over me and all that concern me in Jesus name

4. My father anoint me with fresh oil to begin the desired change in every area of my life in Jesus name

5. My father in your mighty power put an end to every weeping and night season of my life in Jesus name

6. I decree my morning of joy has come no more sorrow in Jesus name

7. There shall be no more negative manifestations in every area of my life in Jesus name

8. By the mercy of God I decree my waiting period is over, my glorious change has begun in Jesus name

9. Every sickness in my body die immediately in the name of Jesus

10. I receive divine strength to walk into my breakthrough in the name of Jesus