JCC 21 days fasting and prayer 2023

Day 18. Divine Location

Gen. 12:1-2, Gen. 26:2-3, Gen. 26: 12-14

1. Appreciate the Almighty God for His faithfulness over your life

2. Almighty father visit me in your mercy and power today in Jesus name

3. O Lord visit my location, repair every irregularity and heal my location in Jesus name

4. My father, my father, lead me to my Rehoboth where my allocation of fruitfulness is located in Jesus name

5. O Lord uproot and scatter every power or person striving with my godly and goodly allocation in Jesus name

6. Lord take me out of every spiritual and physical wrong location in Jesus name

7. My father, my father please hide me and my entire family in Your secret place under Your shadow in Jesus name

8. I decree no evil in my camp, calamities and destruction shall not happen in all my location in Jesus name

9. The Lord is round about my location and dwelling, therefore I decree my life, my family, my health, my property shall not be attacked in Jesus name

10. My father, my father order my steps to the place where my ideas, skills, talents, gifts and business will shine forth for celebration in Jesus name