JCC 21 days fasting and prayer 2023

Day 19. Divine Remembrance

Gen. 8:1, Mal. 3:16-18, Exo. 2:23-24

1. O Lord remember me for good and help me in Jesus name

2. Father thank you because my season for remember has come and I know that all things will work in my favour in Jesus name

3. Father let the book of my remembrance be widely opened now in the name of Jesus

4. My father please remember all my prayer requests and in your mercy answer them speedily in Jesus name

5. My father, my father let your mercy sustain me throughout my life in Jesus name

6. Lord send Your wind to blow away every problem of my life in Jesus name

7. My Lord remember all my secrets tears and pains, wipe them off and give me the desired miracles in Jesus name

8. Heavenly Father remember the covenant of the blood of Jesus and deliver me from every form of affection and bondage in Jesus name

9. Father every of my benefactor wherever they are, let them not rest until they have done me good in Jesus name

10. Father let every labour, help or good that I have done in time past which have been forgotten be remembered for great reward in Jesus name.