JCC 21 days fasting and prayer 2023

Day 20. Wonderful Encounter

Gen. 32:22-31, Gen. 30:30, Matt. 9: 20-22

1. O Lord give me an encounter that will transform my life in Jesus name

2. My father, my father reveal the secret to my success to me in Jesus name

3. Lord let there be an impartation of the spirit of wisdom on me afresh in Jesus name

4. My father everything I have sowed in tears, I will reap with joy in Jesus name

5. Father give me a miracle that will frighten my enemies and daze my neighbour in Jesus name

6. Father let all my good dreams come to pass in Jesus name

7. O Lord when you help a man, no man can lay claim, Lord be my source and make it public in Jesus name

8. Lord I am ready, I am willing make me great in Jesus name

9. O Lord fight my life battles, Lord fight for me in Jesus name

10. I command in the name of Jesus O You( insert your name) become Relevant in your family, community and in the church of God in Jesus name