JCC 21 days fasting and prayer 2023

Day 6: Let God Arise

Ps 68:1-3, Psalm 102 :13, psalm 17:13-14

1. Lift up your hands and begin to worship God

2. Father please forgive me of every known and unknown sins of life and family that is hindering You from arising for me in Jesus name

3. Almighty God in your mercy arise for me today in Jesus name

4. My father, my father arise and frustrate every wickedness targeted against my life and family in Jesus name

5. My God arise and make a way of escape for me whenever my enemies try to corner me in Jesus name

6. My father my father in Your mercy arise to help me in Jesus name

7. My father my father arise and destroy every power pursing my life and glory in Jesus name

8. Father arise and open every good door that has been locked or shut against my life in Jesus name

8. My father my father arise and uproot all adversaries standing at my door of miracles in Jesus name

9. Arise O Lord lift up thine hand and lift me higher far above my expectations in Jesus name

10. Father let this season be my set time for breakthrough and divine encounter in Jesus name