Day 17 Commanding The Four Winds.



Jcc 21 days fasting and prayer
Day. 17
Topic: Commanding The Four Winds.
Text: Ex 14:21-22, Ps 78:26-29 Amos 4:13, Eze 37: 9

I speak to the four winds from the four corner of the world to release to me now every blessing that has my name on it in the name of Jesus

My Father My Father command the angel in charge of the four winds to hold back every wicked arrow shot in my direction in the name of Jesus

Every evil winds blowing problems my way seize now by fire in Jesus name

I put the blood of Jesus between me, my family and every negative winds blowing my ways in Jesus name

As quails were blown into the camp of Israel so, let my blessing blow into my camp in Jesus name

Every evil winds blowing in my direction be diverted now by fire in Jesus name

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