JCC 2019. 21 Days fasting and prayer – Day. 1


My Set Time For Lifting
2 Kings 25:27, Ps 3:3. Ps 27:6

1. Blessed be the Lord and father of our Lord Jesus Jesus Christ who is rich in mercy and abundant grace.

2. I confess that the Lord is my shield, my glory and the lifter up of my head.

3. I confess that the Lord has raised me up from the dust, lifted me from the dunghill and caused me to inherit the throne of glory.

4. Every battle against my dominion has ended never to rise again in Jesus name.

5. My head is lifted out of the prison of limitations into firmament of enlargement in the name of Jesus.

6. Every area of my life held in captivity by the enemy is hereby loosed to fulfil destiny in Jesus name.

7. I declare my freedom from the burden of Babylon and it’s oppressive spirits in Jesus name.

8. Thank you father for silencing the power that were rejoicing in my affliction they shall remain forever silenced in Jesus name.

9. Every wicked embargo on my lifting is permanently lifted in Jesus name.