JCC 2019. 21 Days fasting and prayer – Day 10


Bible Reading: 2Chro. 20:15, Josh. 21:44, Judg. 6:27.29

1. Father, you are the Lord of hosts, fight my battles for me and take over all my challenges.

2. Father, deliver me from the hands of all my enemies and deliver all my enemies into my hands.

3. Let there be a permanent end to satanic activities in my life and in all that has to do with me.

4. Lord, paralyse every demon being assigned against any area of my life and destiny.

5. Let my persecutors devour their own flesh and drink their own blood in Jesus name.

6. Contend, O Lord, with those those who are contending with me and my family in Jesus name.

7. Let my adversaries begin to run helter skelter without seeing what is pursuing them.

8. Scatter, O Lord, every gathering against my life and family. Don’t let two remain together in Jesus name.

9. I command every Goliath standing between me and my enthronement to be decapitated in Jesus name.

10. All that devour me
shall be devoured and all my adversaries, every one of them, shall go into captivity and they that spoil me shall be spoiled and all that prey upon me shall be spoiled and all that prey upon me Lord give them for prey.

11. O Lord, let the efforts of my enemies be in vain in Jesus name.

12, Thank God for answer prayer.