JCC 2019. 21 Days fasting and prayer – Day 2


Favour assist my Destiny
2 Kings 25:27, Ps 3:3. Ps 27:6

1. Father, I praise You for Your loving kindness and tender mercies over me and my family.

2. I plead the blood of Jesus over my body, soul and spirit.

3. Let every mark of rejection and reproach be wiped off my destiny, by the blood of Jesus.

4. I command the power of closed doors to be broken in my life, in Jesus name.

5. Powers that have locked the doors against me, must give up now by fire in Jesus name.

6. This is the year I come out of the prison of shame and disgrace, in Jesus name.

7. Father, stretch the sceptre of Your mercy and kindness towards me, in Jesus name.

8. O Lord, flavour my life with favour in Jesus name.

9. Father, send your wings of favour to carry me through the journey of my life from now on in Jesus name.

10. I apply for the mercy of God to wipe away any mess in my life, in Jesus name.