JCC 2019. 21 Days fasting and prayer – Day 21


Evil Altars Must Fall

Bible Reading: Deut. 7:5, Deut. 12:2-3, Jer 1:10

1. As I go into this level of warfare, I receive a covering of the blood of Jesus, I stay in the strong tower which is the name of the Lord.

2. I receive God unction and power upon my tongue right now in Jesus name.

3. I forbid any satanic backlash or retaliation against me and my family in Jesus name.

4. In this battle I shall fight and win, I shall be a victor not a victim in Jesus name.

5. Right now I put on the helmet of salvation, the belt of truth, the breastplate of Righteousness, I wear the shoe of the gospel and I take the shield of faith as I go into warfare.

6. I prophesy against all the satanic altars that may be speaking from my roots and ancestry, be consumed by fire.

7. Let every satanic altars raised against my life, destiny and family be subdued permanently in Jesus name.

8. I silence every evil speaking from all satanic altars contending with my wellbeing in the name of Jesus.

9. Let all curses from altars of ritual sacrifices and satanic tokens be revoked concerning me in the name of Jesus.

10. I destroy the evil power of idolatrous priests of my neighbourhood that may be collaborating with the enemy in Jesus name.

11. Thank and appreciate God for answer prayers.