JCC 2019. 21 Days fasting and prayer – Day 8


Health, Healing and Wholeness
Bible Reading: Jer 30:17, Jer 33:6, Exo 15:26

1. In Jesus name, my health shall not waste my wealth.

2. Father, let the root of affliction be uprooted in my life in Jesus name.

3. Lord let the blood of Jesus kill all diseases causing germs in my body.

4. Father, infuse Your very life into every organ of my body in Jesus name.

5. In Jesus name nothing will be lacking, broken, missing, insufficient or excessive in my health.

6. Oh Lord destroy every agent of death in my body system in Jesus name.

7. In Jesus name, I will never suffer heart, liver or renal failure in Jesus name.

8. Oh Lord, let Your power of resurrection quicken my mortal body in Jesus name.

9. Restore health unto me o Lord and heal me of all my wounds in Jesus name.

10. I terminate every terminal disease threatening my life in whatever way in Jesus name