JCC 21 Days Fasting And Prayer 2021 Day 1


JCC 21 Days Fasting And Prayer 2021


Psalm 100, psalm 149, psalm 148, psalm 150

1. Father I praise You because you are a Glorious God and a Merciful Father. 

2. Father I praise Your name for creating me in your image and likeness. 

3. Father I thank you for the grace to be alive and to sing your praise today. 

4. Dear father let me have more and new testimonies that I may offer more thanksgiving to your name. 

5. Oh Lord I praise you today because only the living can praise Your name. 

6. Father I praise you, for only you can do what no man can do. 

7. Father I praise you for I have won the victory. 

8. Father I praise you because the devil cannot stop me. 

9. Father I praise you for the supernatural protection of your angels all around me, take all the glory Lord. 

10. Father I will praise you because my wall shall be called salvation and my gates called praise, In Jesus name

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