Day 21. I am for Signs and Wonders

Acts 2:22, Heb 2:4

  1. I declare that I am for signs, I am for wonders in Jesus name
  2. Father by Your favour announce me to the world by signs and wonders
  3. Father grant me favour before great men and women as instruments for my destiny fulfilment in the name of Jesus
  4. Father let my history be written on account of Your favour
  5. Father remove my reproach by your favour
  6. O Lord give me the most desired miracle of my life in your favour
  7. O Lord by Your favour let every sentence of judgment against me be reversed in the name of Jesus
  8. O Lord order my steps in your favour that I may meet my helpers in Jesus name
  9. Lord grant me unforgettable divine encounters in Your favour in Jesus name
  10. O Lord by Your favour grant me to inherit the labour of the gentiles in Jesus name
  11. Father stop the mouth of my enemies against me in Jesus name
  12. Lord change my barrenness into fruitfulness in the name of Jesus
  13. Lord change my wilderness into a fruitful field in Jesus name
  14. Father change my life from glory to glory in Jesus name
  15. O Lord change laws and decrees to favour me as you did for Esther
  16. Lord change my poor health to good health in Jesus name.