JCC 21 Days Fasting and Prayer.
Day 10:My Dominion Shall Be Established.
#biblereading Psalms 92: 10, Genesis 1:28, Psalm8:6, Luke 10:19.
1. Everywhere I have lost my dominion in life father let my power of dominion be restored in Jesus name.
2. Anywhere the enemy has had dominion over me today I take back full control in Jesus name
3. Every Pharaoh having stronghold over my life and destiny I break that power now in Jesus name
4. Lord give me divine dominion power over every situation of life in Jesus name.
6. I recover every legal ground I have given to the enemy over the affair of my life
7. Every foundational power blocking my blessings in this land, be uprooted and be cast into the fire in Jesus name.
8. By the power in the blood of Jesus I destroy every power cutting off my expectations whenever good things come near me in Jesus name
9. Every dark cloud covering my star from shining clear away in the name of Jesus
10. God wherever the keys of my destiny have been held up, arise and help me to recover them in Jesus name
11. Lord I ask You to arise and repair every damage my destiny suffered while I was in the womb in Jesus name
12. O God let the blood of Jesus arise and silence every Satanic voice that is speaking curses over my destiny in Jesus name
13. O God arise and plant new seed of greatness in my destiny in the name of Jesus
14. Father renew my focus on You and the things which You have set before me concerning my destiny in the name of Jesus
15. Lord take every negative thing I have suffered in the past and use it for your glory in Jesus name
16. Thank God for answer prayer.

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