JCC 21 Days Fasting and Prayers 2017.
Day 14: Miracles In The House
#biblereading 2King 4.
1. O God of 24hrs miracles appear in my situation now in the name of Jesus 
2. O God of the sudden arise in the thunder of Your power in my situation in Jesus name.
3. Jehovah the story changer arise and change my story for better in the name of Jesus name.
4. I shall not be ashamed, I shall not see demotion, I shall not see defeat in Jesus name
5. My father do a miracle that will make me to forget past years of pain and sorrow in the name of Jesus.
6. Uncommon and extraordinary testimonies locate me by fire in Jesus name.
7. Miracles that will wipe out my past ridicule and shame manifest in my life today in the name of Jesus
8. Satanic obstacles to my miracles and testimonies scatter by fire in the name of Jesus
9. By the power that shattered the poverty of Obed-Edom and turn his household into a place of abundant and overflowing blessings, let unexplainable prosperity descend upon my home in Jesus name
10. O gates of miracles, signs and wonders, supernatural Breakthrough open unto me now by fire in Jesus name
11. Every power making miracles to slip out of my hand be disgraced
12. I use the blood of Jesus to cancel all ungodly delays to my miracles in Jesus name
13. Angel of God roll away every stone blocking the Manifestation of my miracles in Jesus name
14. I receive grace and power for hatred and rejection for sin and Satan from today in the name of a Jesus
15. Every Satanic attack on me and my family because of my fasting and prayer be nullified by the blood of Jesus.
16. Begin to thank God for answered prayers

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