JCC 21 Days Fasting and Prayer.
Day. 15. Jesus My Burden Bearer
Matt 11:28-30, Isa 58;6, Isa 10;27
1. Anointing that destroys burden and yoke fall upon me in the name of Jesus
2. Any owner of evil load carry your load by fire in Jesus name
3. Jesus your are my burden prayer carry all my burden for me in the name of Jesus
4. O heaven arise and offload my burden
5. Let every padlock assigned to lock up any area of my life be broken by fire
6. I loose any area of my life that has been under any evil lock and key in Jesus name
7. Any wicked hand oppressing and tormenting me wither by fire in the name of Jesus
8. Father set your eyes upon me for good in the name of Jesus
9. Lord remove my shoulder from every burden in Jesus name
10. I break loose today from the yoke of(mention every yoke you what to be broken in your life) in the name of Jesus
11. Blood of Jesus deliver me and destiny from every work of darkness in Jesus name
12. Glory of God overshadow my life and cover my nakedness in Jesus name
13. All evil hands putting back the clock of my life I cut you off by fire in Jesus name.
14. Every evil covenant operating operating in my life break by the blood of Jesus
15. Every stubborn Pharaoh refusing to let me go be buried in the Red Sea in the name of Jesus
16. Begin to thank God for answer prayers

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