2017. JCC 21 Days Fasting and Prayer.
Day 17. The Help Of The Lord
Ps 124:8, Isa 41:10, Ps 121, Ps 54:4
1. O Lord I need Your help in every of my life please help me
2. Almighty God connect me to my divine helpers in Jesus name.
3. Every of my destiny helper that has been held down in the prison of life be released and locate me now in the name of Jesus
4. Heavenly Father by divine setup arrange a meeting between me and my destiny helper
5. Every evil veil of darkness covering my destiny helper from locating me be removed now by fire
6. By the blood of Jesus I break every covenant of promise and fail operating in my life in the name of Jesus
7. Every spirit of antagonism on assignment to deny me of due help be destroyed by fire
8. Every anti testimonies altar erected against me and my helpers be destroyed by fire
9. I command the dew of help to rest on me, my destiny and my family in the name of Jesus
10. My benefit that is pending the mercy of God will deliver them to me in Jesus name
11. The connection that will usher me and family into a new season the mercy of God will connect me in Jesus name
12. Let the beauty of the mercy of God overshadow me in Jesus name
13. By the mercy of God let the wonders of God continue to manifest in my life in Jesus name
14. Every domestic manipulation against my progress in life scatter by fire in Jesus name.
15. In Rev 12:16, and the earth help the woman, let every thing created by God help me to fulfil my destiny and purpose in life in the name of Jesus.
16. Begin to thank God for answered prayer

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