2017. JCC 21 Days Fasting and Prayer.
Day 18. Breaking Yoke of Poverty
Deut 8:18, Prov 10:15, Ps 34:8-10
1. Every altar of poverty in my place of birth working against my prosperity burn to ashes in the name of Jesus
2. O Lord create opportunities for my prosperity in Jesus name
3. Where other people are spending money, I refuse to spend bold face in Jesus name
4. Every evil power sitting on my prosperity summersaults and die by fire
5. Every stigma of poverty in my life be robbed off by the blood of Jesus
6. Every power adjusting my life to poverty die by fire
7. O Lord let Your glory overshadow every work that I do in the name of Jesus
8. You mountain of debts program to put me into poverty be cast away by fire in Jesus name
9. Oh heaven of my prosperity open by fire in the name of Jesus
10. Angels of the living God pursue wealth into my hands in Jesus name
11. Let the riches of the Gentiles be transferred to me in the name of Jesus
12. Spirits of famine and hunger my life is not your candidate in Jesus name
13. O Lord revive my blessings, return my stolen blessings and send Your angel to bring my blessings in Jesus name
14. I pray the battles that battled my parents, we leave me alone and the war that worried my ancestors will not come near me in Jesus name
15. The grace of God will enable me do exploits beyond human ability. The mercy of God will cancel every judgment that should stand against me. The favour of God will open uncommon and unmerited door unto me in Jesus name.
16. Begin to thank God for answer prayer

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