2017. JCC 21 Days Fasting and Prayer
Day 20. I will Fulfil My Destiny
Jer 29:11, John 19:30
1. I plead the mercy of God upon my destiny in the name of Jesus
2. Blood of Jesus locate and enter into my destiny in Jesus name
3. I disconnect my destiny from every Satanic influence right now in Jesus name
4. I nullify every demonic claim over my destiny in Jesus name
5. By the blood of Jesus I cancel every evil sentence hanging on my destiny
6. O blood of Jesus fight and rescue my destiny from hand of my enemies in Jesus name
7. Evil foundation working against my destiny receive the fire of God
8. Every incarnation and ritual working against my destiny be disgraced in Jesus name
9. I refuse to operate below my destiny in Jesus name
10. O Lord I shall not come to this world in vain in Jesus name
11. Every power contesting with my divine destiny scatter by fire in Jesus name
12. Every damage done to my destiny before today be repaired in the name of Jesus
13. Every Satanic trap set against my destiny be exposed, be disgraced and be destroyed in Jesus name
14. Lord set me among princes and princess in Jesus name
15. All those who are lying in wait to see me fall will themselves fall never to rise again in Jesus name
16. I recover my Creational certificate( not birth certificate) from the hands of the enemy in Jesus name
17. Like Jephthah the Lord will send distress to the enemy of my tomorrow in Jesus name
18 . Begin to thank God for answers prayer

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