JCC 21 Days Prayer and Fasting
Day 7 Worship Sunday: Possess The Gates Of The Enemy Through the Power Of Worship

#Biblereading Joshua 6:20, Genesis 24: 60, Genesis 22:17

1. I receive the anointing of the warriors and I spill the blood of the enemy in Jesus name.
2. Let every gate of my enemies be destroyed by fire in Jesus name
3. Every evil gate blocking my blessings be removed now, in the name of Jesus
4. O God, let Your thunder shake and destroy every satanic altar laid at my gate, in Jesus name
5. May thunder dislocate every evil gate standing in the way of my Breakthrough, in Jesus name
6. I arrest every gatekeeper positioned to guard the treasures of darkness, in Jesus name
7. Every evil gate blocking me from the will of Gid be removed by fire, in Jesus name
8. Every problem (name it) sponsored against me by the enemy at the gate, die by fire
9. Every evil transaction negotiated against my life at the gate be cancelled by the blood of Jesus
10. My Father, after the order of David, arise and anoint me with fresh oil, let my cup run over today in the name of Jesus

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