2017. JCC 21 Days Fasting and Prayer
Day. 8 Destroying Evil Altar
Jer 1:10, Deut 12:2-4,1Kings 18:40
1. I destroy every evil altar operating against my life and family in Jesus name
2. I render every aggressive altar impotent in Jesus name
3. Every evil altar erected against me be disgraced in the name of Jesus
4. Let the thunder of God smite every evil priest working against me on the evil altar and burn them to ashes in Jesus name
5. Let every Satanic priest ministering against me at evil altar fall down and die in Jesus name
6. I withdrew my name from every evil altar in Jesus name
7. I withdraw my destiny, my glory, my blessings from every evil altar in the name of Jesus
8. I withdraw anything representing me from every evil altar in Jesus name
9. Every Satanic consultation concerning my life be nullified by the blood of Jesus
10. Every Satanic sacrifice carried against my life and destiny backfire in Jesus name
11. Everything that the evil altars has stolen from me i repossess you in Jesus name
12. Any evil hand from any evil altar that wants to retaliate or arrest me because of my prayer dry up now by fire in the name of Jesus

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