JCC 21 Days Prayer and Fasting
Day 9: Mercy In The Journey Of Life

#Biblereading Psalms 51:1-2, Psalms 25:6-7, Hebrew 4:16, Mark 10:46-52

1. O Lord of mercy, by your mercy hearken to my voice and give me testimonies in Jesus name.
2. By the mercy of God, I shall live in abundance and in good health all the days of my life
3. By the mercy of God, I shall not see shame, I shall not see reproach in Jesus name
4. By the mercy of God, I shall be watered like the garden of the Lord
5. Father let your mercy endure forever over my life in Jesus name
6. Father for every good thing that has been targeted impossible in my life, let your mercy make it possible today in Jesus name
7. Father in your mercy multiply your wonders in my life
8. Power of extended battle over my life loose your hold over my life and destiny in Jesus name
9. Anointing to manifest the greatness God has put inside of me fall on me now by fire in Jesus name.
10. The mercy of God will create space for me to flourish in Jesus name.
11. The Lord will show me the way, instruct me, guide me with His eyes and teach me in the way I must go in Jesus name.
12. Secrets that I must know in order for me to move forward on life, the Lord will reveal it to me in the name of Jesus.
13. I receive fresh fire, fresh power, fresh oil, fresh grace, fresh favour and fresh anointing in the name of Jesus
14. I receive secrets for my tomorrow in Jesus name
15. I receive secrets for my next level, vision and glory in the name of Jesus
16. Thank you Lord for answered prayers.

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