JCC 21Days Fasting & Prayer 2018 Day 12.


Destroy Your Limitation
Matt 15:13, Jer. 33:17-19, Gen 18: 13-14

1. Every labour of the enemy on
My destiny, receive double failure in Jesus name
2. Every war against my staff of bread, be disgraced in Jesus name
3. Satanic hunters of my destiny be frustrated in the name of Jesus
4. Every power, spirit and personality that would work against my elevation be disgraced in Jesus name
5. Blood of Jesus, shield and protect my birthright from the attack of spiritual armed robbers in the name of Jesus
6. Every hold of the power of familiar on my destiny, die in the name of Jesus
7. I receive power from above to fulfil my divine agenda in Jesus name
8. Every anti testimonies altar erected against my life and destiny be destroyed by fire in Jesus name
9. Every power that wants me to fast and pray in vain die by fire in Jesus name
10. My father, my father don’t allow me to return to where I started in Jesus name
11. My father my father accelerate my arrival at my harvest and help me enjoy my labour in Jesus name
12. O Lord, in Your mercy deliver me from every ship of life that is carrying Jonah in the name of Jesus
13. I will not return empty like Naomi in Jesus name
14, I receive the power of God to move higher and forward in every area of my life in Jesus name
15. I violently overthrow the spirit of limitation in Jesus name
16. Thank you Lord for answered prayers

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