Jubilee Christian Centre  21 Days Fasting and Prayer 2018 Day 16.



Overflowing Grace, Mercy and Favour 
2 Cor. 12.9, Psalm 89: 24-25, Psalm 44:1-3
1. Father Lord let me have favour with You, Lord anoint me with oil Of gladness

2. Father Lord by Your mercies my time of favour has come in Jesus name
3. Father Lord give me favour like you did for Daniel

4. Father command the gate of favour to open unto me in Jesus name
5. Father let Your favour establish me in every area of my life in Jesus name

6. My stone of prayer shall locate the unprotected forehead of my Goliath in Jesus name
7. Fingers of God arise terminate every power that say over his dead body will I be successful in life

8. All obstacle on my way to greatness scatter by fire in Jesus name
9. Every Harman assigned to destroy me and my destiny kill yourself now in Jesus name

10. My star arise and shine, no power can stop you in Jesus name
11. As a child of the lion of Judah I chase Serpent and scorpion out of my life in Jesus name

12. O God of mercy uproot the root of sin in my life and give me a resounding testimonies in the name of Jesus
13. Every Satanic voice set up against the mercy of God for my life scatter by fire in Jesus name
14. Blood of Jesus speak mercy and deliverance into my life in Jesus name

15. My father my father by the power of Your Mercy Open all good doors closed against me in Jesus name
16. By Your mercy O Lord You heard the cry of blind Bartimaeus hear my cry of mercy today and settle my case now in Jesus name

17. O God remember me and release Your tender mercy upon me in Jesus name
18 by the mercy of God whatever I lay my hands upon shall prosper in Jesus name
19. By the mercy of God I prophesy into my life, my leaf will not wither in Jesus name

20. By His mercy and favour I shall be like a tree planted by a rivers of water in Jesus name
21. Thank God for answer prayers