Jubilee Christian Centre 21 Days Fasting and Prayer 2018 Day. 9


I Receive Ultimate Victory
John 20, Col 2:14-15

1. Every power which say I will not rest or have peace be disgraced in the name of Jesus

2. Every power hindering the good thing that God prepared for me be demolished in the name of Jesus

3. I shall not crash in the race of life in Jesus name

4. Every Satanic manipulations against spirit, soul and body be destroyed in the name of Jesus

5. Any power pulling me down from where God is taking me to scatter into pieces in Jesus Name

6. The power of God that cannot be insulted fall upon and empower me in Jesus name

7. Power to fight and to conquer possess me in the name of Jesus

8. Every cloud of confusion hanging over my destiny fade away by fire in Jesus name

9. Fresh power to make progress in life fall upon me in the name of Jesus

10. I decree that no work of darkness will prevail over my life and destiny in Jesus name

11. I command you chain of darkness holding me down to where I don’t belong break by thunder in the name of Jesus

12. Holy Spirit give me key to the miracle room of God in Jesus name

13. Let the windows, gates and doors of heaven open and pour prosperity and blessings into my life and family in the name of Jesus

14. You stranger be afraid and fade away from my presence like the morning dew in Jesus Name

15. I bury my defeat and my fear today in the name of Jesus

16. Thank God for answered prayers