Jubilee Christian Centre  21 Days Fasting and Prayer  Day 15.


Possessing The Hidden Riches in the Secret Places
Isaiah 45:3, Exodus 12:36

1. Angels of the living God pursue wealth into my hand in Jesus name

2. Any power that wants me to die as a purper you are a liar die in Jesus name

3. I withdraw my wealth from the hands of bond women and her children in Jesus name

4. I will not squander my divine opportunity in Jesus name

5. Let the riches of the gentile be transferred to me now in Jesus name

6. Let the angels of the Lord pursue every enemy of my prosperity to destruction in Jesus name

7. Let the yoke of poverty upon me be dashed into pieces in Jesus name

8. Oh heavens over my prosperity open by fire in Jesus name

9. You children of darkness, continue to labour, at end of your labour transfer the wealth to me in Jesus name

10. I eat the sweat of my enemies by the power in the blood of Jesus

11. O Lord be my eternal cashier

12. I refuse to lock the door of Blessings against myself in Jesus name

13. Every evil bird swallowing my money fall down and die by fire

14. Every power sitting on my wealth fall down and die by fire

15. I break every cycle of financial turbulence in the name of Jesus

16. O Lord plant me by the rivers of prosperity in Jesus name

17. My labour shall not be in vain in Jesus name

18. Let the blessings, which there will be no room to receive, overtake me in Jesus name

19. O Lord in Your name I roll away every evil stone placed upon my destiny, glory and star in Jesus name

20. You mountain before me, hear the voice of God, Crumble by fire in Jesus name

21. Thank God for answered prayers

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