Happy New Month

November- Our Season Of Bountiful Harvests

Gen 8:22, ISA 9:3-5(TLB) Ps 65:11(NLT)

My Confession

I command my harvest to come forth in thousand folds. My seeds will bring forth abundance in all areas of my life. I call forth my harvest spiritually, financially and materially. I will reap where I sowed and where I did not sow I receive a divine mandate to blossom. I will enjoy and experience bountiful harvests in business, in fasting, in prayer and in all my services to the Lord . There shall be a shower of blessings and the Lord will approve my long awaited blessings and miracles I will reap every seed of good deeds done in the past. The Lord will remember me for good, He will remember all my petitions and grant them to me according to my hearts desire. I will break forth on every side.I declare that the Lord Himself will lead and connect me with all my helpers and open doors. I declare that this season will produce my breakthrough and testimonies. Favour will be my portion, my every step shall be crowned with success. I will be a source of joy, blessings and inspiration to others I confess that His blessings is resting upon me. My life and career will be fruitful and successful I believe it. I confess it. I receive it .In Jesus name. Amen and Amen