Happy New Month

October- Our Season of Divine Encounter

Gen 32:22-31, Luke 7:12-15

My Confession

The Lord will give me an incredible encounter that will transform every area of my life and shift my destiny forward. By Divine Encounter, I receive a new name, and my needs attract God’s attention.I invoke the grace of God upon my ability and effort to yield a significant increase .The Lord will raise powerful voices to speak for me in places that matter .The Lord will be compassionate to me and do well unto me; my sun will rise, and my star will shine. An encounter that will change my story, status, level, friends, and company will happen to me and my family this season. He will visit and touch my destiny for a great turnaround. He will make every impossibility possible and reverse every irreversible situation.It will rain over my life and career and bring a new beginning of prosperity, peace and joy.The God of mercy shall move me forward, and His oil of favour shall never run dry on my head. As long as God exists in heaven, I will never know shame and failure. My life will always be meaningful.I am a citizen of a kingdom that cannot be shaken I am an ambassador of Christ with divine diplomatic immunity I am an overcomer I live a life of favour and grace I am next in line for promotion and elevation I Am BLESSED I believe it. I confess it. I receive it.In Jesus name.  Amen and Amen