Happy New Month

September- Our Season of Multiplication

Genesis 1:28, Isa 60:22 

My Confession

I Decree and Declare that by the Spirit of the LORD I will experience increase and multiplication in all areas of my life. All my Ventures are Multiplying and Growing. I Declare that all my Investments and Businesses are Growing and multiplying by the Power of the Almighty God.Everything I touch will multiply and flourish Abundantly. It is my season of profit, overflow, abundance and prosperity. I will not go down, I will excel, I will be for signs and wonders. I will get there, I will prosper, I will flourish, I will be established. There shall be a performance in my ministry, home, and my family, There shall be a performance in every area of my life. I will fulfil the plan of God for my life, I will be celebrated, The whole world will hear about me. I will prosper, my ministry will prosper, my life, children and spouse will prosper, everything I touch will prosper.These I claim in the name of Jesus… Amen and Amen