Youthful, Purity, Fire & Creativity

We are the RIC Generation… an expression of Jubilee Christian Centre

Our Vision is

  1. To build a community of young adults and singles who are spiritually healthy and aspire to be an instrument of Christ ever-evolving world, through intimate communion with God.
  2. To bring young adults and singles from all works of life, as they are, to an environment where they can be free and inspired to share their ideas, dreams and unique gifts with the world and the church.
  3. To build a hub where leaders (single, married, student, young professional) can express their God given talent and grow in all facets of their lives. 

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R.I.C Generation – Colossians 2:6-7 ; Matthew 5:14-16; Habakkuk 2:2

  • Influence

    Influence – R.I.C Generation into full and active participation of their faith in their daily lives

  • Cultivate

    Cultivate – the personal and spiritual growth of R.I.C Generation through regular fellowship

  • Approachable

    Approachable – to all youths in our environments, and being open to welcome new individuals

  • Relevant

    Relevant – by providing resources that contribute to personal and spiritual growth in everyday life

  • Encourage

    Encourage – our young adults and singles to live their lives in accordance to God’s doctrine.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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