Process of Time

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2nd Kings. 7:1-2.

You need to be prepared and ready for the opportunity that is about to present itself. For every promise, prophesy and dream, there is a set time. Eccl. 3:1. Everything happens at the appointed time that Jehovah has chosen. You need to adjust your time to God’s time. When you adjust it to God’s time, things would happen at His time Ecclesiastes 3:11.

You have to wait. If you are in a hurry, you can destroy it. When a seed is sown, there is a process that it needs to go through before you can harvest it. God does not forget every word He has spoken to us. Every word that is spoken is released with a time attached to it Isaiah 55:10-11. The word of God NEVER fails.

For you to become a good leader, you need to be a good follower. Our arrogance makes it difficult for God to use us. Life is all about process – PROCESS OF TIME
Psalm 105:19. When the word of God is trying you, what is your attitude? By the process of time we abandon our dream. Never abandon your dream or vision. Time is going to try you. It does this to see if you are going to abandon your vision. Any dream and vision that is not bigger than you is not from God. Don’t give up because of your situation. Time wants to see if we believe in God or not. How well do you know your God? If you know your God, you would never give up.
Genesis 8:22. No matter how dark your life is, Light would come.


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