RCCG JCC 21 Days and Prayer 2018. Day 1


Day 1
Using the Blood of Jesus as a weapon
Rev 12:11, Exodus 12
1. Thank you father for the benefit and power of the blood of Jesus.
2. Blood of Jesus fight for me.
3. Blood of Jesus speak for me.
4. Blood of Jesus hide me and my family from wicked arrow of the enemy and death in Jesus name.
5. I insure my life and the lives of my family with the blood of Jesus.
6. I destroyed all the decisions and plans of the enemy for my life and family by the blood of Jesus.
7. I render every evil power militating me impotent by the blood of Jesus.
8. Let every door that I have opened to the enemy be closed forever by the blood of Jesus.
9. Let blood of Jesus soak and dissolved all the mountains before me in Jesus name.
10. Let every evil mark on me be washed away by the blood of Jesus.
11. Let every evil visitor always see the mark of the blood of Jesus over me and my family and pass over in the name of Jesus.
12. May the blood of Jesus give me strength from day to day.
13. Thank God for answer prayers.

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