RCCG JCC 21 Days Fasting and Prayer 2018 Day 14



I Run Into The Strong Tower Of The Lord

Proverbs 18:20, Psalms 61:3, 2 Samuel 22:3

1. Anointing to pray to be heard and be blessed fall upon me in Jesus name

2. My destiny receive life in Jesus name

3. My imprisoned destiny be released now in Jesus name

4. The seed of God in me shall not die in Jesus name

5. The glory of God in me shall not die in Jesus name

6. Let the sword of my Goliath turn against him in Jesus name

7. Every herbal power working against my destiny die in Jesus name

8. The evil powers that are preventing me from fulfilling my destiny die in Jesus name

9. All my buried glory in the cemetery of evil power come out now and locate me in Jesus name

10. Every good thing I was unable to do in the past I receive divine power and I begin to do them from this hour in Jesus name

11. Power of God come upon me now and sustain me forever in Jesus name

12. Blessings from heaven come upon me and enrich me in Jesus name

13. Arrows of spiritual wickedness fired into my life and destiny return back to your sender in Jesus name

14. All good things killed by spiritual wickedness in my life rise up and walk in Jesus name

15. Rivers of peace and favour flow now into my life

16. My Father, my Father, I declare that I am unstoppable in the journey of life

17. Every weight that wants to limit my speed I lay you aside in the name of Jesus

18. Thank God for answered prayers

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