RCCG JCC 21 Days Fasting and Prayer 2018. Day 2


Day 2. Anointing to Excel
Deut. 28:13, Heb 1:9, Lev 8:12 Is 92:10
1. Any power working to hide the key of my elevation expire by fire.
2. That which hinders me from greatness begin to give way now by fire in Jesus name.
3. O Lord enlarge my coast beyond my wildest imagination.
4. Every power that will not allow me to reach my full potential in life be roasted by fire.
5. Anointing for glory enter my life now in Jesus name.
6. As from today I begin to walk in the anointing of glory in Jesus name.
7. Oh Lord destroy every power of my enemies raising their ugly head against my life in Jesus name.
8. Jehovah let my feet take me to higher places.
9. Every evil vain covering my face, my glory let your power consume it in Jesus name.
10. Oh Lord anoint my feet and my head in Jesus name.
11. Father let my life reveal your glory for people to see in Jesus name.
12. Lord send a helper unto me from your throne of grace in Jesus name.
13. Every cage caging my glory I unlock you today in Jesus name.
14. Every evil power working against my destiny be destroyed in Jesus name.
15. My generation shall not struggle in Jesus mane.
16. Thank God for answer prayer.

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