RCCG JCC 21 Days Fasting and Prayer 2018 Day 4.


RCCG JCC 21 Days Fasting and Prayer 2018

Day 4

Power Against Unrepentant Adversity

Exodus 14:9-12, Exodus 14:23-28, Obadiah 1:3-4

1. Let every evil imagination against me wither from the source, in the name of Jesus

2. Let the destructive plan of the enemy against me be frustrated now, in Jesus name

3. Let my source of ridicule be converted to a source of miracles, in Jesus name

4. Let all powers and persons sponsoring evil decisions against me be disgraced in Jesus name

5. Let the stubborn strongman’s delegates against me be disgraced in Jesus name

6. Let every spirit of Balaam hired to curse me fall and die by the sword in Jesus name

7. Let every spirit of Herod be disgraced in Jesus name

8. Every spirit of Goliath receive the stone of fire in Jesus name

9. Let every spirit of Pharaoh fall into the Red Sea of it’s own making in Jesus name

10. You power delaying the manifestation of my prophecy die by fire in Jesus name

11. Every evil order operating in my lineage break and scatter

12. Let every Yes that has given Satan access to my life and destiny be turned to a NO now in Jesus name

13. Everything that must go for me to move forward, be gone in Jesus name

14. Let every glory in me be revealed in Jesus name

15. My Father, My Father, every affliction and suffering I am going through, Lord deliver me from them in Jesus name

16. Angels of God pursue those holding what belongs to me and command them to release it now in Jesus name

17. Every roaring lion that has vowed to devour me die in Jesus name

18. Thank God for answered prayers

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