RCCG JCC 21 Days Fasting and Prayer 2018 Day 5



Mock and Disgrace Your Herods

Matthew 2:16 KJV, 1 Kings 18:27, Psalm 2:4 and 9

1. O Lord, arise for my sake, mock and disgrace every Herod of my life

2. Power of my father’s house assigned to mock my destiny be disgraced by fire, in Jesus name

3. Challenges and problems in my life assigned to mock me, I command you be terminated by fire

4. My life, my destiny; reject mockery in the name of Jesus

5. Whatever is in my life that is attracting insult, be removed now in Jesus name

6. I cancel every evil calendar of hardship operating against my life

7. My destiny, my glory; refuse to operate on a Satanic calendar against me

8. Annual affliction, monthly demotion, weekly sickness – my life is not your candidat. Be destroy by blood of Jesus

9. Any power that says 2019 will not favour me shall die

10. Any power that follows me for evil be buried permanently in Jesus name

11. Any power that is planning evil against me shall fall down and die in Jesus name

12. Season of greatness manifest in my life

13. Father, let all my enemies drink their own blood and eat their own flesh in Jesus name

14. Every weapon of the enemy used to tie my destiny down be loose in Jesus name

15. Father, accompany me on every journey I embark on this year and years to come in Jesus name

16. I decree and declare that the light of God shall shine upon my life in Jesus name

17. Father let my life begin to shine brighter and brighter than a new day

18. Every accursed thing in my life be consumed in Jesus name

19. Every issue that is bringing shame into my life be consumed in Jesus name

20. My life will not be a victim of an error in Jesus name

21. Thank God for answered prayers.

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