RCCG JCC 21 Days Fasting and Prayer 2018 Day6



Bulldozing Evil Checkpoints

Daniel 10:12-14

1. Let every battle in the heavenlies be won in my favour in Jesus name

2. Let every Satanic law programmed into my life be terminated by fire

3. Let my prayer release angelic intervention in my favour

4. My prayer will not return to me unanswered in Jesus name

5. My prayers shall not fall to the ground in Jesus name

6. My prayers shall receive divine attention in Jesus name

7. Every demon gathered against my prayer be destroyed by fire

8. Every Satanic traffic wardens diverting good things away from me fall down and die by fire in Jesus name

9. I destroy the security and confidence of my enemies in Jesus name

10. Every power obstructing the Manifestation of my miracle, testimonies and breakthrough expire by fire in Jesus name

11. I break every padlock put upon my destiny and life in Jesus name

12. Let every resistance to my breakthrough crumble by fire in Jesus name

13. I will become all that God created me to be in Jesus name

14. Let all Satanic checkpoints hindering my prayers be bulldozed now in Jesus name

15. My heavens shall not become brass in Jesus name

16. Every enemy trying to occupy my promise land be overthrown in Jesus name

17. Every Satanic battle arranged against my income, business, life and destiny be overcome now by fire in Jesus name

18.Father, I ask You to set an ambush against any meeting taking place against me, my marriage, my health, my business and my destiny in Jesus name

19. Thank God for answered prayers.

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