RCCG JCC 21 Days Fasting & Prayer Day 8. Power against Destiny Killers.


Power against Destiny Killers.
2 Cor 10: 3-6, Oba 1:17

1. I reject every Satanic rearrangement of my destiny in Jesus.

2. I refuse to live below my divine standard in Jesus name.

3. Every evil power having negative awareness of my destiny become impotent in Jesus name.

4. Every damage to my destiny be repaired in Jesus name.

5. The enemy will not covert my destiny to rag in Jesus name.

6. O Lord restored me to your original design for my life & destiny in Jesus name.

7. I reject destiny demoting names in Jesus name.

8. O Lord enlarge my coast in Jesus name.

9. O Lord anoint my eyes, hands and leg to locate my divine purpose in Jesus name.

10. Every power contending with my destiny scatter by fire in Jesus name.

11. Let the spirit of excellence come upon me in Jesus name.

12. Satan I resist & rebuke your efforts to change my destiny in Jesus name.

13. I command all powers of darkness assigned to my destiny to leave & never to return in Jesus name.

14. I plead the blood of Jesus & the mercy of God upon my destiny in Jesus name.

15. I nullify every demonic claim over my destiny in Jesus name.

16. My destiny, receive divine healing in Jesus name.

17. Thank God for answered prayers.