Destiny Destroyers

MINISTERING: Pastor (Mrs) Tayo Kolawole

WORD: What is Destiny? Destiny is what God has created us to be. It is our divine purpose in the land of the living. John 18:37. Do you know your cause for being sent into the world? If you do not know the reason why you are sent to this world, then you become a toiler.
Matthew 26:24. Do you know what Is written concerning you? No man can succeed outside his destiny. 2nd Timothy 4:7.
There are people who do not want you to fulfill your destiny. It is important to ask God to go into our foundation, present, and future and ask Him to restore it.


Anything, anyone or any power that wants to prevent you from becoming what God has ordained you to become. It can be one’s character or one who the devil has entered. John 10:10
2nd Corinthians 2:11. The devil can introduce so many devices in the heart of men. Unfortunately, we embrace them knowingly or unknowingly.

1. Our Mouth: Prov. 21:23. If we use our mouth wrongly, it can destroy us. Many times, the challenges that we are experiencing is as a result of our mouth. We tend to expose ourselves to the enemy by the things we say.
2. Sin: This is a great destroyer. If God has ordained a great testimony for you, your sin may prevent you from getting there. We need to check ourselves. You have no control over your destiny until you do something about your nature. 1st Kings 11:1. Proverbs 6:25-26.
3. Other People: Matthew 2:1-2. Other people can come in to try to destroy your destiny in pretence of trying to help. Proverbs 4:16-18. Matthew 13:25-28. 1st Corin. 16:9. God has given us great doors but there are so many adversaries

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