Fasting and Prayer Day 5 – Healing

Day. 5 Healing

Bible verses: Psalms 107:20, 118:17, 91:16, Matthew 15:30, Exodus 23:25-26, Isaiah 38:5

– Pray for physical healing on long term illness
– Pray for healing on mental heath
– Christ has paid the ultimate price for my healing and divine health 2000 years ago, I have no reason for being sick any more, therefore I receive my healing right now in Jesus name.
– Heavenly Father let Your healing power go through my veins and entire system right now, let my body be healed and restored completely in Jesus name
– I am healed, yes I am healed, I am healed, I am permanently healed in Jesus name
– Father by the authority of Your word, You will satisfy me with long life and show me Your salvation in the name of Jesus
– I speak life into my body to hear the word of the Lord, the sickness in me is not unto death but for the glory of God that the son of God might be glorified
– I confess loud and clear I shall not die but live and declare the work of the Lord in Jesus name
– O Lord, I have work to do, I have a destiny to fulfil, I shall finish well and strong in the name of Jesus
– Father, let me grow like the cedar of Lebanon and let me flourish like the palm tree in Jesus name
– Father, by Your grace in old age I will be fruitful and flourish for you in Jesus name