Fasting and Prayer Day 6 – Restoration

Day. 6 Restoration

Bible verses: Isaiah 35:1-2, 35:5-7, Jeremiah 33:1-3, Job 42:10

– Freedom from all form of imprisonments
– Pray for restoration of finance, health and family
– Pray for strength, grace and, power to pursue and to recover all
– Pray that everything you lost to the devil will be restored to you by God
– I receive a hundred fold restoration of everything the enemy stole from me
– My glory awake, arise and shine for thy light is come in Jesus name
– All my captured blessings be released to me now in Jesus name
– Any power holding my glory loose your hold now, in Jesus name
– O ye heaven open upon my glory in Jesus name
– The Lord shall be glorified in my life in Jesus name