SCRIPTURES: Daniel 1:1-2, Genesis 32:24-26, Isaiah 18:41

You need to be positioned for the blessing for it to become a reality in your life.

Daniel was a prophet but his place of impact was in the political space. You have to be in politics to

change the game. You should get into it if that is the place for you.

The greatest blessing is the blessing of good health. Health is wealth!

Jacob wrestled with God until he received the blessing. Importunate praying releases blessing from God. You must not give up in the place of prayer. Pray a little longer, for the breakthrough is closer than you think and it will soon become a


You need to understand how to place a demand on God for what God has prepared for you. Do not give up.

Place a demand on heaven for the delivery of your blessings.

You don’t have to wait for what is available (your blessing), take it.

Even Daniel continued in prayer and fasting for 21 days until the answer to his prayers was


By being divinely desperate and making his request known, Jacob received the blessings God had in

store for him.

Are you divinely desperate for your blessing from God? You need to.

Pray down the blessings in Gods word into your life until you see them manifesting. Pray against every opposition of evil against your life and for the successful delivery and manifestation of your blessings.

Speak your blessings continually until it becomes a reality.

No one can stop you from becoming who God wants you to become except you.

From this year onwards, pray without ceasing, be divinely desperate for your blessing from God and the Lord shall bring it to pass.