Supernatural Increase Charge

MINISTERING: Minister Samson Ayorinde

WORD: Job 8:7.

God is interested in our increase. Gen. 1:38. God’s promise is for us to experience increase in every area of our lives. Anytime your life is not reflecting what is written in Gen. 1:28, we need to look back into our lives. Luke 2:41-52. For us to experience growth, it is up to us. We need to tap into what is going on in this season to gain wisdom. There is the need for us to grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. God wants us to grow in our sphere of interest. God wants us to have increase in influencing people.
Acts 8:9-13; Lev. 26:3-4. Obedience is key if we want to have supernatural increase. Gen. 12.:1-2; 13:15
God’s word can never fail.

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